As with fine tools from the workbench, many a discerning cook or baker shops vintage for tools from the past for use in today's kitchen. For some, the opportunity to pay homage to those memories may be found in a rolling pin, apron or teapot.

Vintage shopping is a great way to personalize gift-giving too.  Home baked treats on a vintage plate means you'll be remembered long after the last bite. And your prize-winning dahlias will be gasp-inducing in a carnival glass vase!

Nothing speaks to the heart and senses like vintage kitchenware and tableware. Everyone has some memories of spending time in a kitchen or at a table that included elements not found on Amazon. 

We hear it every day. "My grandmother used to use one of these.  Aunt Debbie had this same casserole dish. My mother used these when she made . . .  Without even realizing it people find themselves blissfully reminiscing.

Vintage fashion takes on many forms at The Way Back. We find the market for these goods run the gamut from theme party attendees to history buffs, to theatre groups and those who just appreciate the style and design  of vintage fashions.

You'll find clothing for men and women across a variety of sizes and eras. We have a wide assortment of accessories as well including hats, gloves, purses, spats and hankies. Victorian velvet to "Stayin' Alive" polyester. Check us out.

Shopping vintage isn't all doilies and dressing tables. For a lot of vintage and antique shoppers, the attraction to decades old goods is rooted in the appreciation of the quality and workmanship that went into their design and manufacture. 

High on the list of sought after goodies among this clientele are; fishing, camping and picnic gear, drafting and woodworking tools, and equipment and decor suitable for garage and gymnasium.