Meet Our Members


S.A.M. aka Sam

Not short for Samantha but rather an acronym for Silly And Mischievous. Sam not only has an eye for rare and unusual vintage items but also loves to design displays featuring items which are clearly NOT where they belong. So while perusing the offerings at The Way Back, should you come upon an antique pipe wrench in a velvet-lined jewelry box or china soup tureen fill with poker chips, you can safely assume that Sam had something to do with it.



Growing up in the shadow of Disneyland, Carole was alarmed to learn from a high school guidance counselor that there was no suitable college major available to prepare her for her first choice of career - Jungle Cruise Captain. At The Way Back you may occasionally catch her wearing a pith helmet and practicing warning tourists of approaching crocodiles.


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As a girl in rural Maine, a seminal moment for young Lisa was when someone cited to her the Olde English proverb, “You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.” Her response? “Oh yeah. Watch me!” The ensuing years brought creative endeavors that have resulted in a loyal fan base for her vintage finds and one-of-a-kind adornments for body, soul and habitat.

Cheryl & Tim

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In ways reminiscent of other famous duos – Sonny and Cher, Gable and Lombard, Charlie Brown and Lucy, – Cheryl and Tim have honed their complimentary talents to assemble an inventory of offerings that entertain, amuse and intrigue. From Tim’s expertly handcrafted wood spoons and cutting boards to Cheryl’s fancifully painted salvaged drawers, to all manner of found treasures, they’ve “Got You Babe.”


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In addition to offering her amazing and eclectic inventory to customers visiting The Way Back, Debbie also lends her considerable talents (and professional training as a beautician) to assisting local 4-H participants in readying their livestock for shows. She was recently recognized for a series of workshops she conducted on livestock grooming techniques including awards for her two most popular sessions: “Yes Ewe Can Cornrow Your Lamb” and “Duck, Duck, Mousse: Taming Poultry Frizz in all Climate Conditions.”


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Marci's artistic talents were evident early in life. While her friends and classmates were content to draw stick figures, Marci insisted on working with live models from the very beginning. This was an effective partnership until she became bored with the practice of painting pictures and decided she wanted to paint "objects." Her models took exception to being covered in pigment and they parted company, soon to be replaced by inanimate objects which Marci found preferable in large measure due to their inability to demand meal breaks.


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Throughout her life Valerie has lived in many places including large cities, small towns, and communities in between. Where she hasn't  lived, yet - is in a tree house. Given her fondness for nature and her sense of adventure, some find that a bit surprising. A trip through her inventory would suggest that perhaps there may be an arborial abode on her bucket list.